Fall Out Boy say recording their album in secret gave them more freedom.

The 'My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)' band went on hiatus between 2009 and last year, when they started to record their comeback, and singer Patrick Stump enjoyed the lack of pressure which came with working independently.

Speaking to Absolute Radio's Pete Donaldson, he said: ''I think it was nice because we got to write in demo and even record without a bunch of people looking over our shoulders and kind of trying to get their hands in the mix so to speak.

''We just had to wait until we had the music for it. The thing for us is that we're really proud of and happy with what we had done in the last ten years or whatever. So if we didn't have songs that we were passionate about we weren't even going to bother, we weren't going to just to do it.''

The resulting album, 'Save Rock And Roll', hops between many different genres, but Patrick says most of the albums only took on different lives after they had initially been written.

He added: ''The really funny thing about all that is how similar everything was when we started. You start the songs and as buds they were all the same kind of ideas, but then as they grow you're doing everything to serve the song and you find that they end up sounding completely different.''

You can hear highlights of the Fall Out Boy session and interview on Thursday 18th April from 9pm on Absolute Radio.