Country star Faith Hill thrilled husband Tim Mcgraw when she bought him the Jeep he proposed to her in as a birthday gift two years ago (04).

The red Jeep is now the vehicle the couple like to drive around their sprawling Tennessee ranch in, but it will always hold special memories for McGraw.

He explains, "Faith and I were touring our very first tour in '96 and we just started dating and we were in Pennsylvania and one of the local crew guys let us borrow his Jeep.

"We went out for a ride and it's when we kind of pulled the Jeep over on the road and had the ultimatum conversation - whether this was gonna be a relationship or not.

"Then, a couple of years ago, I think it was my birthday, Faith had a present for me and that was in the garage - it's the exact same Jeep. She went and tracked it down."