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Summer School Review

Very Good
Summer School may not teach us much about life and love, but if there was any justice in the world we'd be seeing reruns of this on TNT every Sunday instead of endless repeats of Sixteen Candles and its ilk.

Summer School is a lame and obvious stunt piece, but damn if it doesn't know it. Mark Harmon's a lazy teacher stuck with the worst students in school for summer classes. Eventually he's tasked with getting them to pass The Big Test, only to find that they're completely unmotivated and that one of them is totally illiterate. In fact, his job is on the line if they fail. What happens next is probably familiar to anyone who went to high school in America: The students bargain with the teacher; they'll try hard if he lets them use his car, throw a party in his house, and so on.

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Bride Of Re-Animator Review

It says "H.P. Lovecraft's" above the title, but rest assured, the grand master of the weird tale never wrote a book by the name of Bride of Re-Animator.

This update/retelling of the Frankenstein story is every bit as cheesy as the original tale, but much of the geeky humor that made the original Re-Animator such a classic is sorely lacking here. The film is just a continuation of the story of Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) as he works on his green serum that can reanimate dead tissue. Naturally, as the body count rises, it shrinks in lockstep.

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Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery Review

A rare case of the sequel being far better than the original, the first Austin Powers (Mike Myers as unfrozen and bumbling 60s British superspy in the 90s) is uneven and often not funny, relying on recycled jokes and far-too-broad physical humor. Stick with the second one.
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