Example doesn't like working with other artists.

The 'Close Enemies' singer previously worked with boy band The Wanted on 'Chasing The Sun', but admits he does not normally enjoy the process of collaborating with other people.

He said: ''I don't really like working with other artists. If I'm writing a song it has got to be my song on my terms. Unless it's an artist I really respect who I think can write themselves, I don't really want to get into the studio with anyone. I'd rather just make songs and then sell them to people.''

Example is particularly annoyed other groups have copied the formula for his previous hits despite never being fans of underground music before.

He told DigitalSpy.co.uk: ''I've never written albums for specific markets or moments in time, I just make what I want. My second album was experimental - there were so many different sounds on there - but my last album brought the underground dance genres to the mainstream.

''Since then, every boy band or girl band copies the recipe for 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' or 'Stay Awake', which is why I want to go the other way now and make a rock album, but do it my way.''