Ewan McGregor has urged his fans to join in a mass demonstration against world hunger in London in June (13).

The Trainspotting star is backing Unicef's new drive, which will take place in the U.K. capital's Hyde Park on 8 June (13), when British Prime Minister David Cameron is hosting a meeting on the world's hunger crisis, ahead of the G8 Summit.

MCGregor links to the official site of the event on his Twitter.com page, and a message on the website reads, "We want the G8 leaders to take action on the four big issues that mean so many people do not get enough food; aid, land, tax and transparency. By taking part in Hyde Park, you will be part of this iconic campaign. This is your chance to be part of the action - we can't do it without you."

A host of stars have been taking part in Unicef's anti-hunger campaign, including Ben Affleck and Tom Hiddleston, who vowed to live on just $1.50 (£0.93) a day to raise awareness of the struggles that the world's poorest people face to feed their families.