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Everything Everything (formed in 2007) Everything Everything are a British indie band consisting of lead singer Jonathan Higgs, bassist Jeremy Pritchard, drummer Michael Spearman and lead guitarist Alex Robertshaw.

Formation Everything Everything have members from Tynedale, Kent and Guernsey but the band are now based in Manchester. Higgs and Pritchard met at Salford University where they both graduated with degrees in Popular Music before going on to set up the band. Everything Everything: Musical career Everything Everything released their first single 'Suffragette Suffragette' in 2008 through XL Recordings. Singles 'Photoshop Handsome' and 'MY KZ, UR BF' came soon after in 2009 though the latter was released on the Young & Lost Club label.

Career: breakthrough came with their appearance on the BBC's Sound of 2010 poll. They subsequently signed to Geffen Records before releasing single 'Schoolin'' in 2010 which became their first to appear in the charts. Their debut album 'Man Alive' was released in 2010 and peaked at number 17 in the UK. It was also shortlisted for the 2011 Mercury Prize. In 2011, they performed at Radio1's Big Weekend in Carlisle and the following year they supported Snow Patrol on their Fallen Empires UK Arena tour. In 2012, they released single 'Cough Cough' - the first from their second album 'Arc' which came out in 2013.

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Everything Everything - Get To Heaven Album Review

Everything Everything's arrival in 2009 came via 'My Kz Yr Bf', a song which gave critics much leeway in comparatives. Based on its poly-rhythmic, twitchy math pop body and almost perfect euphoria soaked chorus, it was easy to sum up their hybrid appeal, or so it seemed: Sparks doing Slint whilst digging Late of The Pier? Maybe. Foals, without all the prissy, complicated abstractions? Sure. A universe apart from almost anything in their time zone? Definitely.

Everything Everything - Get To Heaven Album Review

Clearly this freshly minted feeling of intellectual hair down was going to attract some comments about the clip of the foursome, but then again any outfit that gives their work titles like 'Photoshop Handsome' and 'Suffragette Suffragette' is apparently willing to stick their neck out for shapes being busted in Iambic Pentameter. A second album, 2013's 'Arc', underlined the ability of singer-songwriter Johnathan Higgs as an individual capable of fusing the realness of both art and emotion together seamlessly, a voice of conscience which placed the band into a category in which other Great British Avant Goodists such as XTC, Roxy Music and Radiohead had carved a similarly idiosyncratic niche.

The build up to 'Get To Heaven''s recording proved to be something of a tortuous process for Higgs, who had spent it absorbing some of the atrocities of our modern 24 hour news existence as connected directly into our lives via TV and computer. Building this kind of mental library can have a de-humanising effect on anyone, but the mental strafing turns itself into verbal ammunition on opener 'Blast Doors', on which the singer reframes the word play of Dylan's 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' in extremis. In one of its rare sedentary moments, Higgs gargles, "I can smell your fingerprints all over my computer": It's one of the album's signature moments, intimacy and paranoia on a knife edge, the twitching curtains of the psyche turning the outside world in.

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Everything Everything - Summer Six live at the Isle of Wight Festival

Festival Number 6

Everything Everything - Festival Number 6 - Day One - Gwynedd, Wales - Friday 13th September 2013

Everything Everything
Everything Everything

Everything Everything - Summer Six live at The Isle of Wight Festival Interview

Jeremy Pritchard and Michael Spearman of Everything Everything talk about desert island necessities, what they do to relax and their feelings on 'Made In Chelsea' in a Vevo Summer Six interview at the Isle of Wight Festival.

Everything Everything - Radiant (Summer Six live from Isle of Wight Festival)

Everything Everything play their song 'Radiant' live on a sunny day at the Isle of Wight Festival where they are filmed as part of Vevo's Summer Six festival tour. The track is taken from their second album 'Arc' released earlier in 2013.

Everything Everything - Isle of Wight Festival - Day 1 with Jake Bugg and Everything Everything

Field Day 2013 - Preview

With Field Day 2013 less than two weeks away, now seems like a good time to look at the 5 must-see bands of the festival. 

Field Day 2013 - Preview

After the success of the festival last year it was difficult to see how it could possibly be improved. As the line up announcements filtered through from Field Day HQ, it became clear just how special this year is going to be. A quite astonishing array of artists all playing in one field, on one day - what could possibly go wrong? Clashes, of course. The chances of you catching every artist you intended on seeing are slim, so here are the 5 must-see acts this year.

Arguably the most exciting band of 2013. Renowned for their extraordinary live performances, as demonstrated on Jools Holland a few months ago, Savages are one band you will not want to miss this summer. With their debut album having come out a few weeks ago, now's the time to catch them live. It will be an "I was there" moment.

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A Week in Music - The Strokes Return With New Sound, Justin Timberlake Comeback Hits The Spot, Mumford And Sons Rumble On With New Video

The Strokes Justin Timberlake Caitlin Rose Peace Dear Reader Mumford And Sons Everything Everything Band Of Horses Empire of the Sun Wireless Festival Magnolia Electric Co.

The Strokes - Comedown Machine Album Cover

Recommended Albums... New York garage-rock new-wavers The Strokes are on album number five and Comedown Machine marks a return to form for Julian Casablancas & co. Whilst they may not be trying to replicate the pared down sound of their now-iconic debut This Is It, they have at least re-captured some of that raw energy. With a sound now owing as much to 80s synth bands such as A-Ha and Human League as it does to their beloved garage rock idols.

As a result, The Strokes, circa 2013 finds the band fully rejuvenated and seemingly enjoying themselves. They may struggle to regain the popularity that they enjoyed when the band first emerged but they have at least done themselves proud with Comedown Machine.

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South Bank Sky Arts Awards

Michael Spearman and Jeremy Pritchard of Everything Everything - South Bank Sky Arts Awards held at the Dorchester - Arrivals. - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 12th March 2013

A Week in Music - Bowie's 'The Next Day' Album Was Worth The Wait, Sigur Ros Back At Their Spectacular Best, Everything Everything Take Another Step Into The Mainstream With 'Duet'

David Bowie Rhye Foxygen Atoms For Peace Sigur Ros Everything Everything Big Boi Outkast The Neighbourhood Laura Marling Bruce Springsteen Seasick Steve Hard Rock Calling Lounge On The Farm

David Bowie Next Day Cover

Albums of Note... David Bowie’s return to the shelves of our local record shops (well, the few that still exist) has been met with a grateful and adulatory fanfare, across the board and it’s been no different here at Contactmusic. Having run out of contemporary influences upon which to draw, Bowie took the old adage that pop will eat itself and made an album to fit. On The Next Day, Bowie largely references himself and his own body of work, recalling his Berlin days, as well as providing an extension of the tracks he released in the nineties.“Assessing how The Next Day sits alongside anything else he's done is irrelevant; an artist who has gone through as many character changes, taken on as many styles and moved through as many eras as he has defies such lazy list making. What can be said is that it is, at this point in time, at this point in his life and career, probably as good a record that David Bowie could've possibly come up with.”

Some of the mystery of Rhye’s cloaked existence has been unveiled and the band’s two components have been revealed as Toronto born producer Mike Milosh and Robin Hannibal of Quadron. They draw comparisons to The XX, partly thanks for Milosh’s falsetto, which led many to believe that it was a woman on vocals. Possibly part of the reason they choose to entitle the album Woman...? “'Woman' is a chilled, tranquil listen but not a boring album by any means. The duo creates songs that fill with distant, mysterious moods. But, it still feels like an intimate album piled high with textured layers.”

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Everything Everything - Duet

Everything Everything unveil their second stunning single of 2013, 'Duet', taken from their sophomore album 'Arc' released in January this year through Sony's RCA Records. The album has done considerably well on its release, peaking at...

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