LCM A/W 2016 - Joshua Kane - Arrivals

Eve - London Collections: Men A/W 2016 - Joshua Kane - Arrivals at Christ Church Spitalfields at Christ Church, Old Spitalfields Market - London, United Kingdom - Friday 8th January 2016

Stooshe and Eve

Barbershop 3: The Next Cut Trailer

The Barbershop gang are back once again. Having had to team up with Angie's ladies salon to be able to stay afloat, the Barbershop is no longer a man only zone and not all of Calvin's customers are happy having to share but they make it work.

Sharing the salon floor is the least of the towns problems, ever more frequently their streets are being overrun by gangs fighting for territory, new corner boys and customers. Calvin and the residents who love their town and want it returning to its former state, decide to take matters into their own hands.

Barbershop: The Next Cut is the forth film in franchise which includes a spinoff called Beauty Shop. The film was directed by Malcolm D. Lee who directed the hugely successful 'The Best Man' series of films.

Gumball Final Wrap Party In Las Vegas

Eve - Gumball final wrap party in Las Vegas - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - Sunday 31st May 2015


Gumball 3000 Las Vegas Festival

Eve - Gumball 3000 Las Vegas Festival at the MGM Resorts Village at MGM Resorts Village - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - Friday 29th May 2015


MOBO Awards 2014

Eve - 2014 MOBO Awards - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 22nd October 2014


Mobo Awards 2014

Eve - A variety of stars from the music industry attended the Mobo Awards 2014 which was held at Wembley arena in London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 22nd October 2014


Eve Marries Gumball 3000 CEO Maximillion Cooper In Lavish Ibiza Wedding


Grammy Award winning-rapper Eve has married British Gumball 3000 motor rally CEO and fashion designer Maximillion Cooper. The couple have been dating since 2010 and 41-year-old Cooper proposed on Christmas Day in Edinburgh last year.

Eve Maximillion Cooper Wedding Eve and Gumball 3000 motor rally CEO Cooper dated for three years before getting married

Eve and Cooper were wed in a lavish ceremony which took place around 8pm at Cala Jondal Beach in Ibiza on June 14. The 35-year-old bride wore an Alice Temperley gown for the beach wedding, which was attended by family and friends of both partners.

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Eve Marries Gumball 3000 Founder Maximillion Cooper In Ibiza

Eve Gumball 3000

Eve is married! The 35-year-old rapper tied the knot to her partner Maximillion Cooper in Ibiza, Spain on Friday (13th June).

Maximillion Cooper and Eve
Maximillion Cooper and Eve have married following the Gumball 3000 rally.

The couple have been dating since 2010 after they met at that year's Gumball 3000 motor car rally which Cooper founded. Eve, who was born Eve Jeffries, and Cooper announced their engagement in December 2013 after Cooper proposed on Christmas Day. Their wedding was in honour of the event at which they met as this year's rally was set to end on the Spanish island. Cooper spoke of this whilst speaking to E! News, he said "We met on the 2010 Gumball 3000 rally so it only seemed right to have the wedding at the finish of this years rally in Ibiza, which was the final stop on this years event. We couldn't be happier to celebrate such a special day with all our family and friends."

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Video - Eve: 'Liplock Will Be Released Next Year'

Singer and actress Eve (Glee; Whip It; is seen out and about in Beverly Hills. As she walks to her car, she tells photographers that she has been busy working hard on her new album, Liplock, which, as she reveals to the photographers, will be out next year.

Eve is best known for her guest appearance on Gwen Stefani's 2005 single Rich Girl. More recently, she has made guest appearances in movies and TV shows, including two episodes in the musical drama Glee

Good Hair Review

Chris Rock hosts this exploration into hair issues in the African-American community, talking to celebrities, experts and hairdressers. What's surprising is that this is such a big issue, although the film isn't much more than entertaining fluff.

The question is who decides what hair is good hair? Most of the black magazines show women with long, straight, silky locks, but this isn't the reality for the readers. Or at least not an easily achievable reality, as it involves lots of product, weaves and wigs. A series of award-winning stylists tackle black hairdos for a living, and the issue of black women's hair has a rather huge impact on their men.

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Whip It Review

Hugely openhearted and packed with terrific moments that are both spiky and resonant, this undemanding coming-of-age comedy is sharply put together with a bright cast and genuinely infectious energy.

In Bodeen, Texas, Bliss (Page) is the rebellious teen daughter of a proud society mom (Harden) and a laid-back, beer-loving dad (Stern). Then with her best pal (Shawkat) she discovers the roller derby in Austin, where her surprisingly strong audition catches the notice of the coach (Wilson) as well as the stars (including accident-prone Barrymore, wacky Wiig, sassy Eve and tough-girl Bell). Renamed Babe Ruthless, she joins the Hurl Scouts team, discovering that some things are more important than beating their archrivals for the championship, the Holy Rollers (led by Lewis).

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Whip It Trailer

Watch the trailer for Whip It

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The Cookout Review

About five minutes into The Cookout, a pair of reporters quizzes first-round NBA pick Todd Anderson (Quran Pender) on how it was like to come up from the ghetto. Anderson tells the reporters that he's lived in the same suburban house all of his life, and that his family has raised him well -- that his life hasn't been all hard knocks and thug life. At that moment I discovered two things about The Cookout. Number one: It was going to make some important social statements in a low key way. Number two: It wasn't going to be a funny movie.

The Cookout is a comedy-drama about a ton of interesting social dynamics: About the potential backlash of instant fame and fortune (and the resulting intra-urban pressure not to succeed), about the endless small stereotypes that white people make about black people (and the endless small stereotypes that black people make about white people), and about the need for people, black or white, to be true to themselves.

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The Woodsman Review

For sheer guts alone, one has to applaud the makers of The Woodsman, who must have suffered ear damage from all the doors slamming in their faces when they went around trying to get the film made. "Well, you see, it's about this pedophile..." Although guts won't get you everywhere, and they're no substitute for having something to back it up, the courage apparent in The Woodsman's balanced and humane story of monstrous behavior helps it skate over more than a few thinly scripted passages.

Simply put, Walter (Kevin Bacon) is back in town after serving a 12-year stretch for molesting young girls. He gets a job at a lumberyard where the manager (David Alan Grier, in a rare yet welcome stab at dramatic acting) makes it clear that he only hired Walter due to a family favor. Antisocial to a fault, Walter goes about his work with sullen determination, retreating to his depressing apartment to share the occasional beer with his brother-in-law, Carlos (Benjamin Bratt), the only family member who will even speak to him. Walter goes to a therapist who tries, without much success, to get him to dig a little deeper and to deal with his problem. In the meantime, Walter tries not to stare at the pre-teen schoolgirls who ride the bus he takes to work, and stares sullenly out his window at the schoolyard across the street ("the only landlord in town who'll take my money" he remarks to Carlos's bafflement at his suspicious choice of living quarters).

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