Evan Rachel Wood has been using baby gadgets to send herself to sleep.

The 25-year-old actress and her husband Jamie Bell are expecting their first child together and the 'Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman' star can't resist testing out all of the things they have bought for their impending new arrival.

She wrote on Twitter: ''Just been testing out the light and sound machine I got for my baby's room. And that thing is good. Zzzzzzz (sic)''

The rest is likely to be welcome to Evan as she had earlier admitted her baby is moving constantly inside her.

She wrote: ''This kid is kung fu fighting in my stomach! (sic)''

And 'The Wrestler' star was also able to fit in extra sleep yesterday (17.03.13) after deciding to skip her usual pre-natal yoga class.

She tweeted earlier in the day: ''Was gonna prenatal yoga this morning, then remembered its the la marathon. No thanks! (sic)''

A new baby isn't the only addition to Evan and Jamie's household; as she revealed last week they had a new cat.

She wrote on Twitter: ''I love my new cat!! :) (sic)''