Evan Rachel Wood will always "love" Marilyn Manson.

The 23-year-old actress - who ended her engagement to the shock rocker earlier this year - learned a lot from her three-year relationship with the singer and hopes he will always be in her life.

She said: "He had a hand in raising me! Oh, I'm always gonna love that guy. He's a genius, he's an amazing artist, we're still friends. Some things just aren't meant to be."

Evan has previously showcased her own musical talents in 2007 movie 'Across the Universe' and would happily sing in a film again, if she was offered the role of her idol, late singer Janis Joplin, who died of a drugs overdose in 1970 aged 27.

Evan told Nylon magazine: "I wanna play Janis Joplin. Can I just claim that now please? 'Across the Universe' is not how I sing - that was very pretty. I sing more like Janis, rough and loud."

The 'Wrestler' star also spoke about being praised by George Clooney for her ability to switch on her sexiness, though she insists it is not deliberate.

She said: "He goes, 'You're really good at going from innocent to sexy in the drop of a hat,' and I was like, 'I don't know what you're talking about!"