Evan Rachel Wood had a tooth knocked out while dancing at a Paris nightclub.

The 'True Blood' actress was celebrating her 24th birthday with friends when an erratic reveller's wayward Elbow hit her in the face, knocking a tooth out and giving her a fat lip.

A representative for the star confirmed to website TMZ she will continue her current tour of Europe promoting her film 'Ides of March' - which co-stars George Clooney and Ryan Gosling - but has already made an appointment with a dentist to have the gnasher replaced.

Evan - who was at one time engaged to shock rocker Marilyn Manson - recently revealed she is bisexual, but isn't ready to be in a relationship with anyone at the moment.

She said in June: "I've stayed single since last summer. I was in relationship after relationship and everyone told me, 'You need to spend some time alone and get to know yourself,' and I was terrified of doing that, but now I'm so glad that I've taken this time.

"But I don't even have rules about dating guys or girls. I'm open. I've always been attracted to both sexes. I'm attracted to people's confidence, rather than what sex they are - the way they carry themselves and their personalities."