Pregnant star Evan Rachel Wood is missing smoking weed.

The 'Thirteen' actress is expecting her first child with her actor husband Jamie Bell and is in the final stages, and she has been scoffing peanut butter Pop Tarts in a bid to curb her cannabis cravings.

She wrote on Twitter: ''Whoa. Whoa. Peanut butter pop tarts?! Of course, because I cant smoke any weed right now. Damnit! (sic)''

The 25-year-old star's candid admission didn't appear to shock her fans however, who were quick to retweet her statement in agreement.

It appears the blonde screen beauty - who was previously engaged to Marilyn Manson - has succumbed to several different calorific cravings since falling pregnant.

She posted over the weekend: ''Sometimes your diet goes to hell and you have pigs in a blanket and a pizza.''

One supportive follower wrote back: ''what diet?! You look great, plus you're pregnant ... have at it! (sic)''

Evan reassured her fans she wasn't trying to lose weight, and was only trying to eat extra healthily for the sake of her unborn baby.

She replied: ''You gotta have your naughty days. ;)'' / not a ''lose weight'' diet. Just a healthy diet.''

Evan rekindled her relationship with 'Billy Elliot' star Jamie in the summer of 2011, five years after they initially broke up.

The lovebirds - who got matching tattoos of each other's' initials soon after they first met - wed in October 2012 and announced they were expecting their first child in January 2013.