Evan Rachel Wood doesn't want to be the "biggest star in the world".

The 'Ides of March' actress began her career when she was just four years old but she doesn't want to follow the same career path of other former child stars and would rather have a long, successful career than achieve short-term goals.

The 24-year-old beauty said: "I witnessed a lot of actors my age, their parents making them do everything and do it all now while they can.

"But I always thought, I'm young, I have time, I don't want to be overexposed and fizzle out, I want to keep this going as long as possible. You have people going, 'Do this, you'll be the biggest star in the world', but the last thing I want is to be the biggest star in the world."

Evan feels lucky because her parents - who work in the acting industry - never put pressure on her to make particular career choices.

She added: "My parents were cool and since they were film geeks and love movies, I was never pressured to do big money jobs or big studio films.

"They let me choose whatever I wanted to do and I have been very picky. It's hard for me to do something I don't care about."