Eva Mendes has defended her slender frame.

The 'We Own the Night' actress has lashed out at critics who have commented her body looks thin and skeletal in her recently-shot Calvin Klein Underwear advertisement campaign.

The 35-year-old beauty stripped down to her underwear for the steamy images in which she poses alongside actor Jamie Dornan on a sandy beach.

She said: "I don't have a starving body. I have a healthy toned body. I don't think people should criticise my advert. I prepped for it a lot and I think it's great. It was in the desert and we were all oiled up for it. That's my job!"

Last year, a Calvin Klein Secret Obsession advert featuring the dark-haired beauty writhing topless on a bed was banned from television after US bosses branded it too sexy.

At the time, Eva said she was "thrilled" with its saucy nature.

She said: "I love it. That means the ads are totally Calvin, totally provocative and a little controversial.

"In the commercial you'll see me rolling around in bed a lot, that's basically all I do. I have been a fan of Calvin Klein's Obsession ads since I can remember.

"I love to feel super-feminine. I love dresses and skirts and dislike jeans. I think what makes a woman sexy is confidence."