Eva Mendes says her worst ever fashion fail made her look like Disney's Princess Jasmine.

'The Place Beyond The Pines' actress might be widely admired for her beauty, but she admits her sense of style has left something to be desired in the past and is still embarrassed about the puffy pink dress and high plait she sported to the 'Ghost Rider' premiere in 2007.

Eva explained: ''About six years ago I went to the 'Ghost Rider' premiere in New York City and it was cold and snowing - I don't know why I'm sharing that, I think I'm trying to justify - and I had my dress on but I had to finish my hair and make-up in the back of an SUV...

''It was a beautiful dress, but the way I put everything together, it was a Princess Jasmine [from 'Aladdin'] gone wrong. The strapless, purple dress with necklaces and hair in a really high braid. It's not a good look.''

The actress - who is dating Ryan Gosling - doesn't always look as glamorous as she appears at red carpet events and confessed she regularly has days where she simply can't be bothered to make an effort.

She added: ''We all have our days when we feel great and want to look great, and then we have our days where we just want to be in our sweats or our jeans or our sweats equivalent and throw our hair up in a bun or a cap.''

Asked why she is always spotted walking around Los Angeles in a headscarf, she revealed they are ''an easy way to not deal with bad hair and it adds a little bit of elegance.''