Eva Longoria has applauded Catherine Zeta-Jones for tackling the stigma of mental illness by going public with her bipolar disorder.

Earlier this week (29Apr13), a spokesperson confirmed the Oscar winner had "proactively" checked into a treatment centre "in order to manage her health in an optimum manner", following a 2011 stint in a medical facility to combat a bout of depression.

Now the Desperate Housewives star has heaped praise on Zeta-Jones for being so honest about her problems.

She tells U.S. broadcaster Anderson Cooper, "I love that she says she's doing it proactively. And I applaud her because she is... putting her health (first) and taking responsibility for her health and really removing the stigma for anybody who has a mental illness. And especially now that mental illness is such a... hot topic... She says, 'I'm dealing with it head on.'"

The actress also urges fans to respect Zeta-Jones' privacy, adding, "When you live in the public eye, public opinion matters. It matters in my industry. You need to like me in order to go see my movie... Sometimes we walk that fine line of privacy and being completely open so that you still like me (sic).

"I think (Zeta-Jones is) doing a very good job of it, because if you give people the truth and you say, 'This is what's happening,' then there's less of a bounty for gossip."