French actress Eva Green found the inspiration she needed to portray an evil witch in Tim Burton's new movie Dark Shadows after visiting an exhibition of the director's drawings, puppets and "broken dolls".
The former Bond girl plays Angelique Bouchard in the horror comedy opposite Johnny Depp as vampire Barnabus Collins, and Green admits she turned to Burton's previous works in a gallery retrospective of his career to help her get in the right mindset for the project.
She tells WENN, "I got really inspired by Tim Burton's drawings, the exhibition that was in New York and is now in Paris. I got inspired by those crazy characters, broken dolls."
And she found a little musical help on set while making the movie: "I listened to Janis Joplin's music which is kind of raw and animal (sic)."
But there was one aspect of her latest role she was really worried about: "The American accent was a big challenge and I didn't get fired - so, good!"