British singer SIOBHAN FAHEY insists her relationship with ex-husband DAVE STEWART would have been short-lived if she hadn't fallen pregnant with his child - because they were "completely mismatched".

The SHAKESPEAR'S SISTER singer, who married the Eurythmics musician in 1987 after learning she was carrying their son DJANGO, acknowledges their incompatibility led to their separation in 1996.

Fahey says, "I have fallen in love with many people, he's the only person I've had children with. Dave and I were a complete mismatch.

"If I hadn't got pregnant so quickly I don't suppose the relationship would have lasted more than six months or a year.

"But I got pregnant in the first flush of infatuation, and he was very keen to settle down. It just seemed like fate - and it was fate, because I've got two amazing kids, who are the most fabulous things in my life."

11/10/2004 21:16