The titular way home involves a long bus ride through Korea. If you have a Game Boy, it isn't bad. If your batteries are dead and you're headed to grandma's, who doesn't even have electricity or running water, it just might suck.

Our bratty, seven-year-old protagonist (Seung-ho Yu) finds himself in just such a predicament, stuck with his deaf and mute grandmother (the incredibly expressive Eul-boon Kim) while mom looks for work in Seoul. Young Sang-Woo isn't having any of it. He ignores his grandma, letting her clean around him as he lies on his mat. But even a twit like he can't stay immune to his kind-hearted grandmother's soulfulness. She takes the abuse, offers him love. Turning the other cheek is awfully pathetic when you can't speak at all. Yeesh.

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