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Coen Brothers and Co Choose 'Dheepan' as Palme d'Or Winner

Ethan Coen Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival jury headed by the Coen brothers and including Jake Gyllenhaal and Sienna Miller has awarded Jacques Audiard the Palme d'Or for his movie Dheepan. The gritty drama tells the story of refugees fleeing post-civil war Sri Lanka. 

Jacques AudiardJacques Audiard won the Palme d'Or for his gritty drama Dheepan

Elsewhere, holocaust drama Son of Saul won the Grand Prix - essentially the runner-up prize - while Vincent Lindon won Best Actor and Rooney Mara and Emmanuelle Bercot shared Best Actress.

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Coen Brothers Mock Streaming Services at Cannes Press Conference

Ethan Coen Joel Coen

US film directors Joel and Ethan Coen mocked the influence of streaming services in the movie industry at a press conference for this year's Cannes Film Festival. The Coen brothers head the jury for the annual event, with Jake Gyllenhaal, Sienna Miller and Sophie Merceau also on the panel.

Coen brothersThe Coen brothers head the jury at the Cannes Film Festival

Asked at the presser about the recent surge of film companies like Netflix, Joel gave a rather deadpan response.

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Watch out Cannes 2015, the Coen Brothers are Coming

Ethan Coen Joel Coen

Joel and Ethan Coen are to serve as co-presidents of the 68th Cannes Film Festival jury. The official line-up and jury will be announced in April while the festival takes place May 13-24.

Coen brothersThe Coen brothers had success at the Cannes Film Festival with Inside Llewyn Davis

"We look forward to returning to Cannes this year," the Oscar-winning directors said in a statement. "We welcome as always the opportunity to watch movies there from all over the world. Cannes is a festival that has been important to us since the very beginning of our career. Presiding over the Jury is a special honor, since we have never heretofore been president of anything. We will issue further proclamations at the appropriate time."

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Unbroken Review


With a true story that's almost hard to believe, this inspiring biographical drama is made with attention to detail and a remarkable resistance to sentiment. And strong acting helps bring the characters to life, even if everything feels a little too carefully staged. But it's the real-life aspect that grabs the attention, and a central figure who's a remarkable example of the indomitable human spirit. The film also marks an auspicious step forward for Angelina Jolie as a director, telling a big story without giving in to the usual sappy moviemaking pitfalls.

Son of Italian immigrants, Louie Zamperini (Jack O'Connell) grew up in 1920s Southern California and by the time he hit his teens is on the way to becoming a criminal. But his brother Pete (Alex Russell) helps him channel his energy to running instead, and his natural skill make him a local champion as well as an American record-holder at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. When the war breaks out, he enlists and serves as a bombardier in the Pacific, surviving a plane crash before later going down at sea and drifting with two colleagues (Domhnall Gleeson and Finn Wittrock) for 47 days before being captured by the Japanese. From here he endures a horrific stint in a prisoner of war camp, taunted by the cruel commandant everyone calls The Bird (Miyavi), who takes particular notice of Louie simply because he refuses to break.

Jolie assembles the film as a big-budget epic, with massive set pieces as the plot cycles through several outrageous episodes before settling in on the prison years. Cinematographer Roger Deakins carefully contrasts Louie's sunny California youth with the much starker visit to Nazi Germany and the astoundingly bleak Japanese prison camp, with those endless days baking at sea in the middle. So the film looks terrific, drawing us into each chapter in Louie's story while building a sense of momentum. It's not quite as complex as it looks; Louie's darker moments feel a bit superficial. But O'Connell adds some weight to each scene, offering a kick of emotion as well as the charisma that convinces the men around him to draw inspiration from his tenacity.

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Fargo Recap: 'The Rooster Prince' - Pay Attention, Things Are Getting Complicated

Ethan Coen Joel Coen

This week’s episode of Fargowas yet another downer, but maybe it comes with the territory for a show, set in the desolate Minesota prairie.  Beware, spoilers ahead. Fargo episode 2, The Rooster Prince, opens with another stark, snowy landscape to help set the mood. Something is on its way. Literally. “Something” comes in the form of two mysterious travelers – an unknown, leather jacket and mutton chop-sporting man and his passenger, whose identity is hidden away by a large coat, majestic beard and a pair of sunglasses. 

Martin Freeman
The Coen Brothers' adaptation of their 1996 film is just as dense as the original.

As the two arrive in Bemidji, the town is still rocked by the deaths of trucking boss Sam Hess, police chief Vern Thurman, and bullying wife Pearl Nygaard. Apparently the mysterious pair have been sent by Fargo, the crime syndicate overseeing Hess’ empire. They ask for Max Gold, whose exact position within the firm is still unknown, though he acts like a money man or lawyer. It seems like he is overseeing the business in Hess’ place.

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The Next 'Breaking Bad'? 'Fargo' Ep. 1 Is A Must-See [Video]

Martin Freeman Billy Bob Thornton Joel Cohen Ethan Coen

New television series Fargo premiered last night on FX, giving American audiences a first taste of the adaptation of the Coen Brothers famed 1996 dark comedy. Starring Martin Freeman ('The Hobbit') and Billy Bob Thornton ('Armageddon'), the new show has been developed by Noah Hawley ('Bones') but has received the blessing of Joel and Ethan Coen, who are acting as executive producers.

Martin Freeman Lester Nygaard Fargo
British Star Martin Freeman Adopts A Minnesotan Drawl For His 'Fargo' Character.

With plenty of black humour and often shockingly overblown violence, the show has been described by Hawley as more like ''a ten hour movie'', than a traditional series. Set in snowy Minnesota, Fargo is a furtherance of the '90s crime classic and has already been tipped by some as the next Breaking Bad in terms of its must-watch factor. Colin Hanks, Bob Odenkirk, Oliver Platt, Kate Walsh, Keith Carradine, Adam Goldberg, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele all take supporting roles in the show.

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'Inside Llewyn Davis' Wins Big At US Critics Society Awards

Coen Brothers Joel Coen Ethan Coen Chiwetel Ejiofor Robert Redford Cate Blanchett James Franco Jennifer Lawrence

Inside Llewyn Davis took home the top honour at the National Society of Film Critics Awards last night, winning the majority of votes from the panel made up of some of America's top film critics from the nation's best-known publishers. Having already found success at the Gotham Awards last month, the latest win for ...Llewyn Davis might further outline the credentials of the latest Coen Brothers film as a potential Oscar contender, having largely been overlooked by most commentators.

Oscar Isaac
The film's star Oscar Isaac was also honoured with the Best Actor award

The film was crowned Best Picture ahead of American Hustle, which came second in the overall voting, and 12 Years a Slave, which placed third. Despite winning yet another award, the Coen Brother's 'a week in the life' tale of a musician traveling through the Greenwich folk scene in 60's New York is still largely considered an outsider for major awards success, however if these gongs keep on piling up for the Coens then the Academy may be persuaded to change their mind somewhat when the votes are cast.

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Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst Missed Out On 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Lead Role

Conor Oberst Oscar Isaac Joel Coen Ethan Coen Carey Mulligan Garrett Hedlund Justin Timberlake John Goodman

Now this is an interesting tidbit of movie trivia: Conor Oberst has revealed that he auditioned for the lead role in folk music comedy-drama, Inside Llewyn Davis. Although the Coen Brothers eventually cast Oscar Isaac as the titular folk singer, Bright Eyes' singer Conor Oberst was reportedly considered for the role.

Conor Oberst
Conor Oberst Auditioned For The Lead Role In 'Inside Llewyn Davis.'

"I know I told you this when we met, but I tried out for your role in Inside Llewyn Davis," Oberst told Isaac for Interview magazine. "Thank god for everyone that I didn't get it." Perhaps one of the main reasons Oberst failed to convince the Coen Brothers that he was best suited for the role was because of his non-existent acting C.V. which could have proved risky to take on in such a challenging lead role.

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Inside Llewyn Davis Review


The Coen brothers have a wry twinkle in their eyes as they take us on a lyrical journey with a hugely likeable musician for whom success is only barely out of reach. It's also an engaging exploration of both the the early 1960s New York folk music scene that gave us Bob Dylan and the tenacity it takes to make your dreams come true.

It's 1961, and Llewyn Davis (Isaac) isn't sure he wants to fight anymore. His career has stalled, and he's moving from couch to couch trying to pick up gigs. But he doesn't have anything to lose, and when he inadvertently acquires a pet cat he has a bit of purpose for a change. On the other hand, his longtime friendship with husband-and-wife folk duo Jim and Jean (Timberlake and Mulligan) is strained when Jean tells him she's pregnant with a child that might be his. In need of cash, he takes a job in Chicago, taking a long road-trip with two nutcases (Hedlund and Goodman). And he even considers re-enlisting in the Merchant Marines.

Despite Llewyn's quiet desperation, the Coens keep the film's tone light and endearing, with constant comical touches that keep us smiling right to the cleverly elliptical ending. They also pack the movie with folk music that's gorgeously produced by T Bone Burnett, offering emotive counterpoints to Llewyn's sardonic sense of humour. His snappy wit often gets him into trouble, but we can immediately see his depth of character as well, and Isaac is terrific in the role, the kind of guy we would happily spend a lot more time with.

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BFI London Film Festival: 'Inside Llewyn Davis' premiere

Ethan Coen and Joel Coen - BFI London Film Festival: 'Inside Llewyn Davis' premiere held at the Odeon Leicester Square - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 15th October 2013

Ethan Coen and Joel Coen
Ethan Coen and Joel Coen
Ethan Coen and Joel Coen
Ethan Coen and Joel Coen
Joel Coen and Ethan Coen

Video - Adam Driver And The Coen Brothers Spotted At 'Inside Llewyn Davis' NYFF Premiere - Part 3

Adam Driver talks about celebrity photographer Terry Richardson to paparazzi at the 2013 New York Film Festival premiere for 'Inside Llewyn Davis'. He is joined on the red carpet by the movie's directors, brothers Joel Coen and Ethan Coen.

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Martin Freeman To Star In 'Fargo' TV Show, But As Which Character?

Martin Freeman Ethan Coen

Martin Freeman, the British actor who began his career alongside Ricky Gervais on The Office before going onto Hollywood stardom, has signed on to star on FX's adaptation of the Coen brothers' classic Fargo.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Freeman will play the role of Lester Nygaard, portrayed by William H. Macy in the 1996 feature film that was nominated for best picture at the Oscars and remains a Coen brother's fan favourite. The new 10-episode limited series will follow an all-new "true crime story" with a new case.

Freeman's character is an insurance salesman who has seen better days. His life suddenly changes forever when a mysterious stranger comes to town. The part earned Macy a nomination for best supporting actor at the Oscars and remains one of the finest individual performances in the Coen oeuvre. 

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Billy Bob Thornton Comes On Board For FX's "Fargo" Project

Billy Bob Thornton Joel Coen Ethan Coen

Billy Bob Thornton, aka That Guy From Armageddon, has been cast in an upcoming FX series – Fargo. According to Deadline, the true crime series will be executive produced by none other than the Coen brothers, who were the brains behind the original 1996 movie on which the series is based. The project is a 10-episode limited series and it will focus on an entirely new case with new characters. One thing that will be carried over from the original is the trademark dark humor and “Minnesota nice.”

Billy Bob Thornton, Austin Film Fest
Billy Bob will be the villain.

Thornton has signed on to play Lorne Malvo, a seedy, controlling character, who meets a traveling salesman and manipulates the man into ruin. He is described as reminiscent of the character of Gaear in the film.

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Inside Llewyn Davis Trailer Strikes A Chord With The 60's Folk Scene [Video]

Ethan Coen Joel Coen Oscar Isaac

It looks like the Coen Brothers have done it again, as Joel and Ethan Coen's latest film, Inside Llewyn Davis, looks like it could be the filmmaking sibling's latest hit. The teaser trailer was released on Monday (July 1) and gives us our first look at the struggling folk musician Llewyn Davis as he hitchhikes through a bleak New York winter with a beat-up guitar and a stray cat as his main companions.

Inside Llewyn Davis cast
Garrett Hedlund [L], Justin Timberlake [middle L], Carey Mulligan [middle R] and Oscar Isaac [R] star in the film

In CBS Films' new trailer for the upcoming movie, we get a closer look at the storyline as it follows the young titular folk singer (played by Oscar Issac) as he tries to make it a name for himself in New York's Greenwich Village folk scene in the early 1960s. The clip features Isaac's character struggling to make a ends meet as a musician during a harsh New York winter, finding himself low on money, and even lower on decent companionship. The clip also features John Goodman as a stuffy record exec, Carey Mulligan as Isaac's disgruntled lover, Garrett Hedlund as an equally downtrodden folk artist and a sweater-clan Justin Timerlake as a much more acknowledged folk artist.

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Dude Won't Abide: Coens Play Down 'Big Lebowski' Sequel At Cannes

Ethan Coen Joel Coen Jeff Bridges Oscar Isaac Carey Mulligan Justin Timberlake

The Coen brothers may have emerged as the new favourites for this year's Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival after their new movie Inside Llewyn Davis received five star reviews across the board, though the filmmakers have shot down reports they are developing a sequel to their cult hit The Big Lebowski.

The 1998 comedy about Jeff Bridges' hippie bowler character 'The Dude' is amongst the Coen's most popular work and Bridges himself has spoken of being open to a sequel. "John Turturro, who wants it, talks to us incessantly about doing a sequel about his (bowler) character Jesus," Ethan Coen said at Cannes this week, "He even has the story worked out, which he's pitched to us a few times, but I can't really remember it. No, I don't see it in our future." If Ethan left the slightest possibility of a sequel, brother Joel shut down door firmly shut, "I don't think it's going to happen ... I just don't like sequels," he said.

Watch the Inside Llewyn Davis Trailer:

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