Actor Esai Morales is to lead a protest in Los Angeles on Saturday (25Apr09) urging motorists to boycott four leading city car washes.
The former NYPD Blue star will join other Screen Actors Guild members as part of an ongoing protest against so-called deplorable working conditions.
The activists will gather outside the Vermont Hand Wash in the Los Feliz community.
In February (09), Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo filed a criminal complaint against car wash owners Benny and Nisan Pirian, four of their car washes, and Vermont Hand Wash manager Manuel Reyes.
He claimed criminal misconduct was rampant at the car wash and complained of conspiracy, witness intimidation and grand theft.
He also claimed bosses had failed to pay wages and failed to comply with wage orders.
A spokeswoman for Morales adds, "In addition, complaints against Vermont Hand Wash have been filed with the National Labor Relations Board that allege firing and retaliating against workers for speaking out publicly about deplorable conditions."
The actor says, "It is truly unconscionable for anyone who supports a livable wage and safe working conditions to patronise a business like Vermont Hand Wash. Car wash employees should be able to support their families and receive a basic level of workplace respect."