Erin Moran homeless? The Happy Days star has apparently hit rock bottom and is now living on the streets of Corydon, Indiana after allegedly getting kicked out of the trailer park home she shared with husband Steve Fleischmann. On top of this, the National Enquirer has reported that now the former actress has run out of cash having spent the last few weeks drifting between hotels and may now be living rough.

The tabloid reported that, after being given the boot by her mother-in-law from the trailer park, Moran used the money she had been given from CBS for merchandising profits to set up home in hotels in the area. During her last stay she was warned several times by the hotel management calm down her unruly behavior, before being forced to give her the boot again after she refused to curb her conduct. Now it appears that the money is all but dried up and, with no hotel willing to give her a room, she is without a roof over her head. It is her disorderly behaviour that is allegedly to blame for her being given the boot by her mother-in-law too.

The now haggard looking Moran is still best known for playing Joanie Cunningham on the sitcom and the spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi, also making appearances on several TV shows including Love Boat and Diagnosis Murder, but has since, clearly, fallen on hard times.