The Warehouse Project

Eric Morillo

Over the last couple of months I have been getting a bit bored with the same old clubbing in the North. It seems that I have been visiting the same places week in week out for ages now and I needed something to spice up my clubbing life. After doing my usual internet research I came across the Warehouse Project in Manchester.

Now the Warehouse project is not completely new to me. A few friends and me made a visit last year and to be completely honest it was a disappointment. The Warehouse Projected bases it's self on the premise of the old rave days in the early nineties. Get a huge warehouse, fill it with crazy clubbers hire some of the worlds best DJ's and bang it out until the early hours. Now although this seems like the best idea ever, not enough organisation was put in last time and the place was freezing cold and the warehouse was far to big. It completely put me off to be honest but after reading that they had learnt from their mistakes and changed the venue I thought I had to give it another go.

Now the line up for this year is truly amazing. Every Friday and Saturday night from the end of September until the end of December, there is a different night featuring some of the best DJ's in the world sometimes even live on radio one. The music genre's change every night featuring House, Electro, Drum and Base and a host of other stuff. I want to give you a good overview of the whole event so I am doing two reviews. One of the Subliminal sessions night featuring Eric Morrillo, which I will be writing about in this review, and another of Ape Vs Chibuku at the end of November.

As I said earlier, the promoters had promised that they had learnt from their mistakes this year and had changed venue. The new venue rather than being at the old Strangeways Brewery was now at an old air raid shelter underneath Piccadilly station. The new venue rather than holding thousands and thousands held a much more intimate 1500 people and it was also a lot warmer!!! This is very important as in the middle winter you really don't want to be freezing your ass off when your clubbing and it put a massive downer on last years event.

On the majority of the Warehouse project nights there is a long list of established DJ's gracing the line up but in this case there were only two, Krysto and the legend who is Eric Morillo! Now surprisingly Eric Morillo was the reason I was there as he has been my favourite house DJ since I first went to Subliminal in Ibiza in 2001. I also saw him in Ibiza this year and to be honest I look for any opportunity to catch a live set.

As you would expect, he didn't disappoint, playing excellent party tunes, slightly off course from his usual stuff but really got the party going. I did get slightly worried when he played Reel to Reel's I Like to Move It, as it brought back scary memories of Zig & Zag's version, but as always he managed to fit it in perfectly. The atmosphere in that place was spectacular, the venue really lends itself to this kind of event. It really offers a great change from the usual clubbing experience and with such amazing line ups there is definitely something there for everyone.

All in all I would say that this has definitely been the best clubbing event I have been to since Ibiza, maybe even better than Ibiza! Obviously Eric Morillo had a big part to play in the nights success so it will be interesting to see how Ape vs Chibuku goes, but on first impressions I would thoroughly recommend going and I'll fill you in on the other night in a couple of weeks.

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