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Blake Appeals Wrongful Death Verdict

LATEST: Veteran actor ROBERT BLAKE has appealed a $30 million (GBP15.4 million) wrongful death verdict, alleging jurors acted inappropriately during the civil trial. The former BARETTA star was acquitted in 2005 of killing wife BONNIE...

Jury Rules Blake Was Responsible For His Wife's Death

Actor ROBERT BLAKE has been ordered to pay his stepchildren $30 million (GBP16.6 million) after a civil court jury declared he was responsible for his ex-wife BONNY LEE BAKLEY's death yesterday (18NOV05). Eight months...

Prosecutor Urges Jury To Find Blake Guilty

LATEST: Prosecutor ERIC DUBIN pleaded with jurors in the ROBERT BLAKE civil trial to find the actor guilty of his wife's murder during his wrap-up in Burbank, California yesterday (3NOV05). Dubin, who is representing...

Blake Testifies To Three New Alibi Witnesses

LATEST: ROBERT BLAKE yesterday (17OCT05) testified there are at least three witnesses who can confirm his alibi that he was not present when his wife BONNIE LEE BAKLEY was murdered - the first time the...

Blake Was 'Planning Family Life' When Bakley Was Killed

LATEST: ROBERT BLAKE was planning family life with his late wife BONNY LEE BAKLEY just before she was murdered, the actor testified in a California court on Wednesday (05OCT05). The BARETTA star, 72, is...

Blake: 'I Lied About Having Cancer'

LATEST: Actor ROBERT BLAKE yesterday (03OCT05) admitted he was "not entirely" the cancer victim he had claimed to be in order to persuade former wife BONNY LEE BAKLEY to abort their love child. The...

Blake Denies Ordering Bakley's Murder

Actor ROBERT BLAKE yesterday (03OCT05) told a civil court he never asked anybody to kill his wife BONNY LEE BAKLEY. Blake is currently facing a civil lawsuit brought by the children of Bakley, who...

Judge Allows Evidence Of Blake's Wife's Past

ROBERT BLAKE has scored a court victory, after a judge in the actor's wrongful death case ruled that his late wife BONNY LEE BAKLEY's colourful past can be detailed during the trial. In making...

Blake Faces Ex-wife In Court Again

Actor ROBERT BLAKE is set to face one of his toughest days in court to date, as he faces testimony from his first wife again in the ongoing civil case brought against him by his...

Blake Angry About Delay Accusations

Actor ROBERT BLAKE lashed out at lawyers who claimed he had been negligent in calling for emergency help after the fatal shooting of his wife BONNY LEE BAKLEY, insisting he simply didn't know how to...

Blake 'Verbally Abused' Civil Attorney

Actor ROBERT BLAKE allegedly became verbally abusive towards an attorney representing the four children of his murdered wife in a civil suit against him. Blake was cleared of the 2001 murder of BONNY LEE...

Blake Claims He Offered Cash To Late Wife's Children

Actor ROBERT BLAKE claims he once offered $250,000 (GBP131,578) to settle a wrongful-death lawsuit brought by the children of his murdered wife - a sum he no longer can afford. The former BARETTA star,...

Blake Offers In-laws A Settlement

Actor ROBERT BLAKE's initial offer to end his legal feud with his late wife's family has been rejected. The former BARETTA star, who was acquitted of the murder of BONNY LEE BAKLEY last month...

Blake Gears Up For Another Court Battle

A day after ROBERT BLAKE celebrated his acquittal on charges of murdering his wife, a lawyer for the victim's family announced plans to "wipe that smile off his face" in a civil case. The...

New Accusations In Blake Case

Actor ROBERT BLAKE has been accused of wanting his wife BONNIE LEE BAKELY dead so he could give their baby daughter ROSE to his elder child DELANA. ERIC DUBIN, the attorney representing the Bakely...

Blake's Former Attorney Fined For Name-calling

Actor ROBERT BLAKE's former lawyer has been fined $18,950 (GBP10,257) for disrupting a deposition last year (03), in which he called the proceeding a "clown show". LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT Judge DAVID M SCHACTER...

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