Guitar legend Eric Clapton is set to release his new album 'Clapton' on 28th September 2010, his first since 2006's 'The Road to Escondido', a collaboration with John Cale. The record is the musician's 19th studio collection, and is described on his official website as "as an album that touches on everything from century-old traditional brass bands, little-known country blues and brand-new originals, the result is both relaxed and revelatory and unlike anything the guitarist has done in his career".
The 65-year-old finished a world tour back in June, but is set to hit the road again in May 2011, where he will play concerts in London, Dublin, Belfast, Cardiff, and Glasgow. Speaking about the new album on his official website, Clapton said, "This album wasn't what it was intended to be at all. It's actually better than it was meant to be because, in a way, I just let it happen. It's an eclectic collection of songs that weren't really on the map", before adding, "There's no limit for what I can attempt to do. I think the next thing I'd like to do is to play some Latin stuff".
The new album follows up the 2007 publication of the guitarist's best-selling autobiography, also titled 'Clapton'.