Rocker Eric Clapton spent the morning of his 1979 wedding to PATTIE BOYD so stoned and paranoid he refused to leave his bedroom. As guests like Sir Paul MCCartney and Mick Jagger gathered for his nuptials with Boyd at his English country mansion, Clapton was upstairs shivering with fear. Promoting his new memoirs, Eric Clapton: The Autobiography, the guitar great has confessed one of his happiest days was almost one of his worst. He tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood, "I started smoking joints in the morning with a couple of my friends and I got paranoid and I couldn't come out of this bedroom. "I didn't go out and check what was going on until about half past eight in the evening." Luckily, Clapton and Boyd had wed three days previously after the rocker lost a publicity bet with his manager, Roger Forrester. Boyd recalls, "Roger had claimed he could get Eric's photograph in the newspapers the following morning. Eric drunkenly bet him GBP10,000 he couldn't. So Roger telephoned Nigel Dempster, the Daily Mail gossip columnist, and told him Eric Clapton would be marrying Pattie Boyd on March 27 in Tucson, Arizona. "Next morning the story was emblazoned across the Mail. Millions of people knew about the wedding - the only person who didn't was the bride."