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Enya Arrives At BBC Radio 2

Enya - Enya arrives at BBC Radio 2 at London town, United Kingdom - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 2nd March 2016


Police Investigating Enya's Obsessed Fan


The Orinoco Flow songwriter lives alone in a castle in Dublin, Ireland, which she bought in 1997, and she has installed a panic room and reinforced the surrounding walls and gates after a number of trespassers managed to breach the grounds.

Enya admits she still has an ongoing problem with intruders, and police officers are currently investigating after she received a frightening letter.

"It's been traumatic," she tells Britain's Independent newspaper. "I get letters from people saying they are coming to meet me. But, you know, I sympathise with these people because I sense that they are very disturbed. They are leaning towards the music, or to me, for other reasons. They need help."

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Enya Considering First Ever Tour


The Book of Days singer has long shunned the idea of hitting the road for an extensive run of shows, because her songs are famous for featuring complex vocal arrangements, but Enya admits modern technology might allow her to layer her voice multiple times live onstage - something that "wouldn't really have been possible" when she first rose to fame in the late 1980s.

"Now it is very, very possible," she tells the BBC. "You see wonderful concerts. There are orchestras there, choirs there, so it's a different time."

Despite this, Enya, who is known for being one of music's recluses, is hesitant to commit to a full tour, adding, "I don't know if that's something I would do."

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Enya Returns With Island Poet


The Only Time star was deeply touched by Ryan's poetry about the Channel Islands and recruited her as a lyricist for her eighth studio album, Dark Sky Island - the name locals have given Sark.

The singer tells WENN, "This album has a theme of journeys. Journeys to the island; through the length of a lifetime; through history, through emotions; and journeys across great oceans. So although it's not a themed album, as such, we nevertheless have an underlying connection between songs."

Dark Sky Island will be be released digitally on Friday (09Oct15).

Nicki Minaj: Enya Is One Of My Biggest Influences

Nicki Minaj Enya

Nicki Minaj says Enya has inspired her new album.

The 31-year-old rapper was a huge fan of the Irish musician as a youngster, and hopes she can influence as many women with her music as the 'Orinoco Flow' singer did.

She said ''One of my biggest [musical influences] is Enya.

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Enya Has Craig To Thank For Odd Dragon Tattoo Torture Tune

Daniel Craig Enya David Fincher

Daniel Craig came up with the idea for the killer in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to listen to Enya as he tortured his character in the film after director David Fincher told him he was looking for the perfect tune to "underscore the banality of evil".

The British actor, who plays journalist Mikael Blomkvist in the dark thriller, suggested the ideal track would be Enya's 1988 hit Orinoco Flow and played it to Fincher on his iPod.

The moviemaker recalls, "We knew that we needed a little moment of levity... the villain should walk over and turn on music, because he... doesn't like to hear the screams (of his victims) without hearing his favourite music.

"Daniel Craig hopped up and picked up his iPod and scrolled through it and said, 'Here it is...' We almost p**sed ourselves, we were laughing so hard (but) it wasn't a reflection on the track - it's not like it's part of the serial-killer playlist on iTunes."

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Country Girl Gabriella Cilmi

Gabriella Cilmi Annie Lennox Enya Lupe Fiasco

Gabriella Cilmi wants to bring out a country album.

The Australian singer - who dramatically changed her sound on her second album 'Ten' - is considering experimenting with a completely different genre on her third LP because she wants to show people she's a diverse performer.

She told BANG Showbiz: "I'll probably do something different next time. I've already done something different this time to last time... I would like to make a country album, I'm a big Jonny Cash fan... I'm also a huge Enya fan, so I'd be looking to do something completely different."

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Gabriella Cilmi Happy With Album

Gabriella Cilmi Dolly Parton Enya Johnny Cash Leona Lewis

Gabriella Cilmi isn't worried about chart positions.

The 'Hearts Don't Lie' singer - whose second LP 'Ten' only reached number 28 in the UK chart on its release - claims sales and downloads do not upset her and still believes there is life in her album yet.

She said: "I try not to get too caught up in that business, but I don't think the album's life is over yet. I've got lots of live performances booked in which definitely keeps me going. I feel positive that there is plenty more to come!"

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Gabriella Cilmi Following In Enya's Footsteps

Enya Gnarls Barkley Gorillaz Led Zeppelin Lupe Fiasco Robert Plant Suzi Quatro T-Rex

Gabriella Cilmi wants to release a "new age" record and a country album.

The 'Woman On A Mission' singer likened herself to Celtic songstress Enya, and said if she leaves her pop roots behind she would like to follow in her footsteps.

She told BANG Showbiz: "I think I have some Enya in me, some kind of new age side. I think my next record will be different to this one and different to my first, because I'm always changing.

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Leaving The ABC Studio After Appearing On 'Live With Regis And Kelly'

Enya - Thursday 18th December 2008 at ABC New York City, USA


Enya + Brightman Add Christmas Albums To The List

Enya Sarah Brightman

It's shaping up to be the biggest Christmas for celebrity holiday albums - Enya and Sarah Brightman have joined the festivities.

The new age stars have both recorded holiday albums, which will hit stores in November (08).

Brightman's A Winter Symphony features versions of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Happy Christmas (War is Over), Silent Night and In the Bleak Midwinter, while Enya's And Winter Came also features Silent Night, sung in her native Gaelic.

Other stars releasing holiday albums this Christmas (08) include Al Jarreau, Faith Hill, Aretha Franklin, Sheryl Crow and Tony Bennett.

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Bench Warmer Trading Cards Summer Celebration At Kress

Enya Flack and Enya Tuesday 15th July 2008 Bench Warmer Trading Cards Summer Celebration at Kress Hollywood, California

Enya Flack and Enya
Enya Flack and Enya

Grand Opening Of Eco-friendly Boutique Menemsha

Enya - Enya Flack Studio City, California - Grand opening of eco-friendly boutique Menemsha Tuesday 25th September 2007


Enya: Stalkers Need Help


Irish singer Enya insists the obsessive fans who have followed her and broken into her home need psychological help.

The ORINOCO FLOW hitmaker, recently traumatised when her home was invaded by a fixated fan who tied up her maid, is unsure what causes them to act this way, but thinks they should seek help for their unhealthy behaviour.

She says, "Those kind of people have been there from day one. Regardless of how I live my life, there are people who develop fixations that are not healthy.

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