Enrique Iglesias says singing in both English and Spanish keeps him on top of his game as an artist.

The heartthrob pop star claims the best thing about his latest record 'Sex and Love' is its bilingual tracks which are fun to perform during his ''eclectic'' live gigs and allow him to top the charts in different countries.

He explained in an interview with the Daily Star newspaper: ''I'm excited about my new album 'Sex and Love' as it's only the second time I have released a mixed record in both Spanish and English. There is such a big Spanish-speaking audience, and of course that's where my career began.

''I was always bilingual. I wrote a lot in Spanish, so now that we're well and truly in the digital era, I thought it was time. Having songs in both languages keeps me on our toes. It means that live, I can do a set list that's very eclectic, it can move from one style to the next.

''That for me is what keeps me going. I have number ones in France or Spain that have done nothing in the UK or America and vice versa. No matter how globalised music has become, you can still go into each nations' iTunes charts and see differences.''

Enrique also revealed he writes most of his music in the middle of the night when he can't sleep.

The 39-year-old singer - the son of Julio Iglesias - insists many of his most inspired moments come during his nocturnal songwriting sessions.

The 'I'm a Freak' singer said: ''That's how a lot of my music comes to me. It can be frustrating, that waiting process - you can't push it. I'm an insomniac still, even when I'm not songwriting. But the best things always come at night.''