Enrique Iglesias has never dabbled in drugs.

The 'Hero' hitmaker claims he's never been tempted to try an illegal substance, despite being surrounded by people in the industry that regularly snort cocaine.

He said: ''I was never tempted by drugs. The amount of times I've been asked, 'You don't do coke? But you're in music.

''You really don't do coke?'

''I don't like sticking stuff up my nose. Get me a drink, get me a rum. I drink, I'm a social drinker but I feel like I can control it.

''There are friends of mine who go out at the weekend and do a lot of cocaine and do any drug and be perfectly fine throughout the week.

''But some others can't do that. I need my eight hours' sleep, that's for sure.''

Meanwhile, the 38-year-old singer believes Justin Bieber,19 - who was arrested last month for driving under the influence (DUI), driving with an expired license and resisting arrest in Miami - is just being young and experimenting with life.

However, the hunky star insists the troubled teen needs to surround himself with supportive people before things get too far.

He explained to the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''It's common in this business that there are just, 'yes, yes' people and you need people that are not afraid of telling you 'no'.

''You need to be told you made a mistake. That's crucial.

''You can't believe your own hype because in showbusiness there are moments where that can happen.''