Rock veteran Engelbert Humperdinck credits his manager with jump-starting his career by giving him the unusual stage name.

The crooner hated his real name ARNOLD GEORGE DORSEY and was anxious he would never find a suitable replacement, until GORDON MILLS discovered the famous composer ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK, who died in 1921, thus enabling the star to assume his name without legal difficulties.

He explains, "I had to admit that my stage name GERRY DORSEY wasn't very glamorous. My real name, Arnold George Dorsey, was even worse.

"Eventually, the manager who was to propel me to fame, Gordon Mills, telephoned me to say he'd found just the name for me. 'I've got the answer,' he told me excitedly.

"'And as it belonged to a man who died in 1921, you won't get into any trouble with it.' Tell me more Gordon. 'You are now (dramatic stage pause) Engelbert Humperdinck.'"

20/10/2004 14:13