THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA star Emmy Rossum has hit out at actresses who are ultra-thin, insisting they are dangerous role models. The 19-year-old star fears underweight actresses are sending a negative message to fans and is determined to speak out against the trend. She explains, "One thing no one talks about are the thinny-thins in our culture right now. It really kind of bugs me and really confuses me. "I don't think that's something to aspire to. It almost makes me laugh, and it also makes me really concerned. "It kind of troubles me that we're setting up these goals for girls my age that are really unhealthy and not attractive. "People who read any of those magazines know kind of what I'm talking about. We set (these girls) up as fashion icons. "They have relatively nothing to offer the world besides the fact that they look very, very thin. It's not even sexy."