Teenager-focused new film The Bling Ring, directed by Sofia Coppola has been getting its first pile of reviews in, and it’s found a mixed reaction from a tough crowd of critics not wholly won in by the Emma Watson starring movie.

The good first though: “The final notes of irony and repudiation may be laboured and obvious, but this is an intriguingly intuitive and atmospheric movie” that’s from The Guardian that is. Pretty nice eh. The Daily Telegraph were pleasant too, writing “Everything comes together for the good here: visuals, performances, raucous soundtrack, Coppola's teasing flirtation with, yet ultimate lack of commitment to, some kind of concrete morality.”

However, go across to America and the mood is somewhat different. “Perhaps even more here than in her other films, Coppola's attitude toward her subject seems equivocal, uncertain; there is perhaps a smidgen of social commentary, but she seems far too at home in the world she depicts to offer a rewarding critique of it” The Hollywood Reporter writes, while Screen International grumbles “The film ... is rather one-tone - they break into houses, wear clothes, go to clubs, do drugs and get caught - and lacks any real sense of drama.” It’s not exactly the set of reviews intended for a film that was attempting to show the realities of our modern culture through the prism of teenager-hood. Shame that.

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