When Emma Watson was dumped for being famous, it was probably because of stories like these that her former boyfriend Made In Chelsea's Francis Boulle decide to scarper last year. You know you're pretty famous when publications are going to zone in on the merest flash of your sideboob but, after the British actress let slip a peak at the Los Angeles film premiere of Perks, she was at it again at London Fashion Week and, well, it couldn't possibly pass without comment.

As the Daily Mirror points out, Watson is far from the first celebrity to be spotted flashing a bit of right angle breast. Miley Cyrus went through a phase of doing it, as did Vanessa Hudgens; to be honest, it's not like Watson was making any fashion faux-pas at Fashion Week either, wearing a glorious one-shoulder white dress that made her look very pretty indeed.

Therefore the only possible hint of a flaw that photographers could pick out was the fact that she was showing a little bit of flesh . if you viewed it from a certain angle and squinted a bit. Watson has been the subject of fierce rumours from various publications in recent weeks suggesting that she's going to be starring in the 50 Shades Of Grey film adaptation. She's strenuously denied the reports however.