Daniel Radcliffe's naturally creepy pallor makes him ideal for horror and thriller movies. Having played the lead in The Woman in Black, he's now set to appear in a new adaptation of the classic 19th century horror story Frankenstein, playing the hunchbacked laboratory assistant who helps Dr Frankenstein bring his monster to life around which the new film will centre. Not quite the dashing hero role that was his in the Harry Potter movies, but a worthy character nonetheless.

In other Potter news, Radcliffe's co-star Emma Watson has been tipped to play Cinderella in the Disney live-action reworking of the beloved fairytale. It will be directed by Kenneth Branagh and is expected to take on the visual decadence of Alice in Wonderland and this year's Oz the Great and Powerful, according to the Guardian. Cate Blanchett will be playing the evil step-mother and although Watson has reportedly been offered the role it's unclear as to whether she has actually taken in. Since the success of Perks of Being a Wallflower last year, she has been inundated with offers and is definitely going to be appearing in big budget, star studded movies such as The Bling Ring, This Is the End and maybe even another Guillermo Del Toro project called Beauty and the Beast.

Despite being one of the better child actors, and capitalising on the success of the Harry Potter franchise earlier on in their tenure, Rupert Grint's calender is looking decidedly more bare than his colleagues. However, a movie of his opposite Shia LaBoeuf and Evan Rachel Wood The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman will be released later this year, as will a less publicised movie, CBGB.