Emma Thompson would have ''loved'' to have become the first female time lord in Doctor Who.

The Oscar-winning actress denied speculation that she was offered the role given to 'The Thick of It' actor Peter Capaldi, but said she would have jumped at the chance to join the BBC series.

Appearing alongside former Doctors Matt Smith and David Tennant on 'The Graham Norton Show' tonight (22.11.13) Emma said: ''I would have said 'yes', I'd have loved to have played Doctor Who.

''Maybe women need their own kind of new time travelling person?''

On the upcoming 50th anniversary episode 'The Day of the Doctor', the tenth Doctor David and 11th Matt remain tight-lipped about the show's plot and only revealed Peter will ''join at Christmas.''

During the show, Emma also spoke about how she's determined to avoid having cosmetic surgery.

She joined her fellow British screen stars Kate Winslet and Rachel Weisz in 2011 to form the self-styled 'British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League' to rally against unnecessary operations and said she's still against facelifts, implants or wrinkle-busting Botox injections.

The 54-year-old star said: ''Look at me, I'm normal. I really wouldn't do anything. It's psychotic to have your body opened up and stuff put in and injecting yourself with poisons.''