Beautiful Creatures may boast a stellar cast, with the likes of Emma Thompson and Jeremy Irons in the midst of its line-up, but that did not save it from a receiving a serious trouncing in the press and a bitterly disappointing opening weekend. The movie, which only managed to dredge up a meagre 44% on the Rotten Tomatoes review site, opened with just $7.5 million in domestic box office sales.

It seems that a smattering of quality cast members simply wasn’t enough to save Beautiful Creatures. Touted as the next Twilight, the overall look of the movie feels cheap in comparison and the story (boy moves to small Southern town, boy meets girl, boy discovers girl’s dark secrets) felt all too familiar and yawnsome. Too amateur-looking to draw in the adult crossover audience that Twilight and The Hunger Games so successfully entrapped and lacking the hype that they benefitted from so greatly, Beautiful Creatures has simply fallen through the cracks and failed to find its niche.

The top earner for the President's Day Weekend sales (and let’s not forget, it was also Valentine’s Day Weekend) was the latest Bruce Willis blockbuster, A Good Day To Die Hard, which somehow rakes in $25 million in its debut weekend, despite having received even worse reviews than Beautiful Creatures and managed only a laughable 16% score on Rotten Tomatoes. 

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