With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 selling out theaters (the movie effectively opened the summer blockbuster season), Hollywood is already looking ahead to the third installment in the revival. Unfortunately, and this is where we get into the spoilers, so be warned, Emma Stone probably won’t be returning as Gwen Stacy – what with her having died, after being dropped from a clock tower and all. In a recent interview with ScreenRant, however, Stone played coy about the possibility of a storyline involving Gwen popping up in a future movie.

Emma Stone , Andrew Garfield, The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Gwen Stacy comes into her own in this film.

“There could be a—I don’t know, there’s a whole plotline that could happen that may bring her back,” Stone said, referring to a number of Gwen Stacy clones that exist within the Marvel universe. Studios aren’t usually keen to tackle these weirder parts of comics – and clones definitely count as a weird part – but it sounds like Stone herself isn’t ruling it out. Even if she isn’t returning however, the actress says it was a lot of fun playing the iconic love interest – adapted for a new age, of course.

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“They were pretty clear that that’s what they wanted to—the kind of Gwen that they wanted,” Stone explains in the interview. “At my first audition, that she was going to be his equal and that she was going to be a modern woman. But I think especially in the second movie that point is really driven home because she is so willfully putting herself into these situations even though he wants to protect her and keep his distance from her. And she’s also, you know her ambitions are strong and she’s going off to school and she’s carving out her own path with or without Peter.”

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As for the mechanics of filming it all – including Gwen’s final fall – turn out to be a lot more confusing and less straight-forward than we see in the finished film, according to ES: “It was pretty crazy, I mean, it takes a while to film. It takes like a week, so you’re sort of, you know, all the different parts of it. But we shot it out of sequence, so I actually croaked before I croaked, if that makes any sense. Like a frog. I’m not talking about death, I’m talking about frog noises. Just kidding. So I had to do the death scene and my last day actually on the movie was Dane holding me as the Goblin about to drop me. So that was probably the most emotional part. Just because it was—I was about to fall and I also knew it was my last day and my last time working with these people…”

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2
What will Peter Parker do now, with the love of his life gone?