Emma Stone is Hollywood's hottest property this summer, and she's about to embark on her biggest role to date, starring as Peter Parker's love interest in next Summer's The Amazing Spiderman. Emma Stone recently told Gather Celebs that her preparation for the role has made her understand the romantic appeal of the super-hero, but she thinks that Spiderman is the sexiest of them all, preferring the webbed wonder to both Batman and Superman, recently played by Hollywood heart-throbs Christian Bale and Brandon Routh. She will be starring alongside a slightly more unconventional leading man, The Social Network's Andrew Garfield, and she said: "Batman's great, but this isn't a rich guy building a suit. And Superman's great, but this isn't an untouchable guy like we've never seen before on this planet."

Stone prefers the 'boy next door' image of Spiderman, because she could imagine fantasizing that an ordinary guy from school could do something amazing. She continued: "This [Spiderman] is someone you could go to school with and work with, that all of sudden, one day is able to fight off superhuman villains. It's pretty incredible. I get it now. I really do." Stone can currently be seen in hit comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love and will star in another summer blockbuster, based on multi-million selling novel The Help, which is release later in August. She recently told USA Today that despite her rapid rise to fame, she likes to keep her feet on the ground: "My family and my friends feel steady. So all that other stuff, if I don't pay attention to it, it doesn't feel like anything's really changed that much."