Credit to Emma Stone for managing to stay professional during her dress malfunction at the Met Ball this week. The 'Amazing Spider-Man' star didn't let it get in the way of her demure composure as she stepped out at the bash in New York on Monday night. Wearing a cherry red hand-embroidered Lanvin dress, Stone looked a picture - that is until you saw that she'd managed to pop out of the back of the it Uh oh.
Now normally you'd expect someone of Stone's stature to be completely embarrassed, or maybe even throw the odd hissy fit. However the 23 year-old showed grace under pressure and - having been snapped by Yahoo showing the designer Alber Elbaz the tear - simply put on a maroon coat to cover up the indecent exposure.
Annoyingly for Stone, this wasn't even the only incident regarding the dress to occur during the evening. Earlier on she was seen trying to fix something on the front bodice of the outfit, giving the impression that maybe the design - whilst pretty - was probably more trouble than it was worth. Thankfully for Stone, actresses Leslie Mann and Rashida Jones were on hand to help sort her out. Thankfully they did too, because with the likes of Beyonce in the crowd, Stone needed to be looking her very best.