Kissing Emma Roberts "isn't such a bad thing" according to Freddie Highmore.

The young actor has a love scene with his co-star - who is niece of screen queen Julia Roberts - in their latest movie, 'The Art of Getting By', and he coyly admitted he enjoyed it.

Freddie said: "I certainly wasn't thinking during the kiss, 'Oh this is absolutely awful', you know, kissing Emma Roberts isn't such a bad thing. It would be silly to pretend otherwise."

Emma is not the only A-list star who Freddie has been rubbing shoulders with, as he struck up a Friendship with Johnny Depp when they both appeared in 'Finding Neverland' together.

He added: "He's in London at the moment, but I'll see him before he leaves. It's quite nice to have a friendship where you don't see each other a lot but when you do you're instantly comfortable again.

"There's a rumour we have the same birthday but it's not true."