Emma Roberts thinks 50 Cent is a "cuddly teddy bear".

The 19-year-old actress - who starred alongside the 'In Da Club' hitmaker in 'Twelve' - revealed the rapper, real name Curtis Jackson, is a "sweet guy".

She explained: "He's such a sweet, cuddly guy. He looks just like a teddy bear."

The pair met while filming the movie, which depicts a tale of drug-taking and violence among young, rich people from Manhattan, but Emma is adamant her real life is nowhere near as hedonistic.

She told the London Evening Standard: "I feel like an old woman because I like to stay home and read and write and I'm exhausted by about 11pm.

"If I was ever photographed falling out of a club, my mum would be outside my apartment in ten minutes, telling me to move back in with her. My family and friends help keep me grounded."

It would seem Emma's grounded attitude is doing her career a favour, as '' director Noel Clarke recently claimed she could be more successful than her aunt Julia Roberts.

He explained "I think she could be bigger than Julia. I think she most definitely could be better."