This is a story you don’t hear every day – actress Emma Roberts (22, 5ft2) has been arrested in Montreal on suspicion of domestic violence against her boyfriend, actor Evan Peters. She was arrested on July 7th, after a serious scuffle with Peters, which reportedly left the actor with a bloody nose, according to TMZ. Let's recap: 5'2" Emma Roberts attacked and seriously injured 5'9", 28-year-old Evan Peters - once again, not your typical tale of a relationship gone sour.

Emma Roberts, Persol Magnificent Obsessions
Roberts's unassuming exterior apparently hides an explosive personality.

Police arrived on the scene after an anonymous call, reporting the incident. They found the 26-year-old actor, who stars in American Horror Story bloodied and sporting a fresh bite mark, according to one of the law enforcement officials. Despite his apparent injuries, Peters chose not to press charges against his girlfriend and Roberts was released just hours after her detention. Bloody nose or not, it appears Peters wasn’t seriously harmed.

Emma Roberts, LA
The assailant is 5'2" tall.

Sources from Emma’s camp on the other hand, claim that she and her boyfriend were both hitting each other and the only reason Emma was arrested, was that Evan was the one, who actually showed evidence of physical assault. They also deny the claims that the actor was bleeding, when police arrived on the scene. According to the TMZ report, any bad blood between the two has been cleared up and the couple are now back together and both working on American Horror Story.

Emma Roberts, Chanel Benefit Dinner
Evan isn't pressing charges.