Emma Roberts has attracted the wrong kind of attention after an argument between her and her boyfriend concerned other hotel guests to the extent that the police were called to break up the ugly scene. The young actress and her boyfriend Evan Peters were discovered post-scuffle by police, with Peters said to have had "obvious physical injuries," tells a source speaking to TMZ.com. The Kickass actor has a bloodied nose and what looked distinctly like a bite mark, leading to Roberts being arrest after it appeared she had inflicted the wounds upon her lover.

Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts: Unsavoury Rumours Circulate That She's A Boyfriend-Batterer.

Sources close to the actress have claimed that both parties were using physical violence, but Roberts had not bitten her boyfriend. Roberts was held in custody but released hours later after Peters said he wouldn't be pressing charges, and the couple have not broken up over their very public tiff.

Evan Peters
Evan Peters Was Reportedly Left Bloodied After The Couple's Argument.

Roberts is due to appear in upcoming comedy We're The Millers, co-starring alongside Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis, with Roberts role reportedly key to attracting a younger demographic audience to the Rawson Marshall Thurber-directed movie. The film's due for release worldwide throughout August and Roberts has a busy schedule of media appearances to promote the comedy. Bite or no bite, the label of "boyfriend-beater" is a sticky one to shake off and, despite no charges pressed, could affect the career opportunities of the next few years for the 22 year-old in an incident that has marked a departure from her well-honed image of "teen sweetness."

Evan Peters Emma Roberts
Peters & Roberts Have Not Broken Up After Fight.

The LA Times voices concerns that ahead of We're The Millers' release, reporters and interviewers will only want to know about the gruesome, public details of her apparently tempestuous love-life over any movie gossip related to the movie: "there's plenty of fallout when something like this happens right before a movie's release. Stars keep a low profile, media forget about the film and audiences can be left with a bad taste." Audiences who'd warmed to Julia Roberts' niece in previous films (Scream 4) may be repelled by this latest news as she looks to foster a mature career as an actress. In a world where domestic violence is increasingly condemned, and violence against men has been placed more in the spotlight, the young couple may wish to look for other ways to resolve their quarrels.

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We're The Millers will be released on 7th August in the USA and on 23rd August in the UK.