Emma Roberts and Evan Peters had crushes on each other before they started dating.

The loved up couple - who met on the set of 'Adult World' - harboured feelings for each other before finally getting together and Evan has never been happier.

He told OK! Magazine: ''I think we both had crushes on each other but we didn't know it. As soon as the movie was done we started hanging out and everything was perfect.

''She's amazing. She's so much fun. She has a great laugh, smile, she's a great kisser. And she's gorgeous.''

Emma - who is the niece of actress Julia Roberts - may be a great kisser, but Evan declined to let on if she also picked up some tips on how to pole dance from Jennifer Aniston, who played a stripper opposite her in 'We're The Millers'.

Emma has previously described Jennifer's pole moves as ''really hot,'' adding: ''She's really good. I saw bits and pieces of it and she is amazing. It was unreal!''