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Michael Kors celebrates the launch of Claiborne Swanson Frank's Young Hollywood

Emma Rigby - Stars attended the launch of Claiborne Swanson Frank's Young Hollywood from New York based fashion designer Michael Kors at a private residence in Beverly Hills, California, United States - Thursday 2nd October 2014

Emma Rigby

Brasil Brasileiro Press Night

Emma Rigby - 'Brasil Brasileiro' Press Night at Sadlers Wells, London - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 10th July 2014

Emma Rigby
Emma Rigby
Emma Rigby
Emma Rigby
Emma Rigby

Plastic Review


Lazy filmmaking undermines this sparky caper thriller, from paper-thin characters and convenient plot points to limp direction and corny editing. This is a real shame, because the bright rising-star cast brings real energy to the weak material. So audiences who can switch off their brains might have some fun watching this fast-paced romp. But everyone else should be wary.

It opens in Britain, where economics student Sam (Ed Speleers) is running an elaborate credit card scam with classmates Fordy, Yatesey and Rafa (Will Poulter, Alfie Allen and Sebastian De Souza). But when local gangster Marcel (Thomas Kretchmann) discovers their operation, he demands a £2m payoff to let them go. So Sam secretly manipulates his new girlfriend Frankie (Emma Rigby), who happens to work for a credit security firm, into getting them the key information they can use to stage a series of high-stakes cons in Miami. And when this plan falls apart, they decide to launch an elaborate sting to rob £20m of diamonds and set themselves up for life.

The premise isn't bad, but the script is packed with coincidental things that make it utterly impossible to believe. Frankie's job is one of these, as is the fact that Rafa looks just like the Prince of Brunei. And of course, since the plot needs some third-act suspense, Yatesey suddenly turns out to be a careless idiot. None of these things make any sense, leaving everything about the film feeling gratuitous, including the sunshiny beauty of the Miami Beach setting and the presence of inexpressive actress Rigby. Plastic, indeed.

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'Plastic' Isn't Fantastic - Critics Maul 'Slick' British Crime Thriller

Will Poulter Emma Rigby

It’s easy to get the impression that the critics wanted to like ‘Plastic’, the British crime thriller packed to the brim with handsome 20-somethings, but despite a really promising cast, the film has been taken to pieces, culminating in a 17% rating on review aggregator, Rotten Tomatoes. 

PlasticPlastic just doesn't cut it

“An appealling young cast can't save this idiotic heist movie,” writes Rob Carnevale for The List. “Even the unintentional laughs eventually give way to groans of disdain. Don't be conned into seeing it,” he adds in a damning review. 

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'Plastic' World Premiere - Arrivals

Emma Rigby - 'Plastic' World Premiere - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 29th April 2014

Emma Rigby
Emma Rigby
Emma Rigby
Emma Rigby
Emma Rigby

Plastic World Premiere

Will Poulter, Emma Rigby and Ed Spellers - Plastic World Premiere - Arrivals Where: London, United Kingdom When: 29 April 2014 - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 29th April 2014

'Plastic': Edgy British Crime Drama Is 'Spring Breakers' Meets 'Skins' [Trailer]

Alfie Allen Will Poulter Emma Rigby

The trailer has been released for the upcoming British drama, Plastic, which sees a group of criminals head stateside to carry out millions worth of credit card theft. Alfie Allen, Game of Thrones star and brother to Lily Allen, stars opposite Downton Abbey's Ed Speleers, Hollyoaks' Emma Rigby, Skins' Sebastian De Souza, and We're the Millers actor Will Poulter in a high-tension heist movie headed for cinemas in May.

Plastic Poster Will Poulter Alfie Allen Emma Rigby
New British Heist Movie, 'Plastic,' Sees A Group Of Students Sucked Into The Criminal Underworld.

Allen, Speleers, De Souza and Poulter play a group of university students who are looking to make a lot of money in the fastest way possible and aren't worried about issues of morality or law breaking. They meet smart and glamorous Frankie (Rigby) who works a data processor for a credit card company and helps devise a way of making the gang's money-making schemes a lot simpler.

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Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party Arrivals

Emma Rigby - Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party Arrivals at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California. - West Hollywood, California, United States - Sunday 2nd March 2014

Emma Rigby
Emma Rigby

Endless Love Review


This remake strips away everything that made the 1981 Brooke Shields romance so scandalous. Re-designed for 12-year-old girls, this version of Scott Spencer's novel plays like a dreamy Nicholas Sparks-style fantasy. There's no sense of urgency or danger, and not a single whiff of actual love, despite a lot of heaving sighs and longing glances. Everything on-screen feels like a predictable cliche yearning to pull our heartstrings, but these tricks only work on young teens who haven't seen many movies.

The story centres on good-guy David (Pettyfer), raised by his working-class single dad (Patrick). At his high school graduation, David finally gets up the nerve to talk to the class wallflower, beautiful rich girl Jade (Wilde), who is still grieving over the death of her big brother. There's a spark between them, but Jade's harsh dad (Greenwood) dismisses David as unworthy, then sets out to crush their blossoming romance. Jade's mother (Richardson) and brother (Wakefield) are more supportive, but Dad is so determined to get David out of Jade's life that he inadvertently pushes them even closer together. Surely a happy ending is out of the question.

Only of course it isn't, because we can see that this film doesn't have the nerve to get very dark. Filmmaker Feste only toys around with the nasty side of the story. She can't even let Greenwood play a properly conflicted man; he's essentially bipolar, veering wildly from understanding to maniacal in his reaction to the relentlessly lovely David. Pettyfer's one-note performance merely reminds us of Channing Tatum, but at least he registers on-screen, unlike the vaguely beautiful Wilde. The only performers allowed any complexity are Richardson and Patrick.

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'Once Upon A Time In Wonderland', Critics Say, Is Not So Wonderful

Naveen Andrews Emma Rigby Michael Socha

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland aired on ABC last night (Thursday 10th October). The sequel to the popular series is a mash-up of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Aladdin and the Arabian Nights. The premiere episode entitled (originally) Down the Rabbit Hole.

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland Cast
Some of the Once Upon A Time In Wonderland cast (L-R): Naveen Andrews, Sophie Lowe, Emma Rigby, Michael Socha and Peter Gadiot.

Alice has been to Wonderland twice: once when she followed the White Rabbit and the second time when she intended to prove it wasn't all a figment of her child's imagination. On the last occasion she fell in love with a genie but lost him after the Red Queen (Emma Rigby) and a magic-carpet rider Jafar (Naveen Andrews) plotted against him. 

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Emma Rigby

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