One day after Eminem granted a 17-year-old terminally ill Detroit-area fan's last wish with a surprise one-on-one home visit, the teenager passed away. Gage Garmo reportedly died in his family's Rochester Hills home on Monday (Jan 12th).

A terminally ill Eminem fan passed away one day after meeting the rap star

Garmo, who had been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma - rare form of bone cancer - was left in shock on Sunday evening when Eminem walked into his family's living room to hang out with him for the next hour or two.

The one-to-one meeting came about after Garmo's close friends and family members started a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #GetGageGarmoToMeetEminem after it was revealed he had less than a week to live. Their efforts were a success as the Detroit rapper arranged to visit Garmo at his Michigan home, which is around 20 minutes away from where Em resides.

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A foundation called Rainbow Connections, which helps fulfil the wishes of terminally ill children in Michigan, set up the surprise visit after quickly contacting the Grammy winner's team once Garmo's condition suddenly took a turn for the worse, according to the Detroit Free Press.

"We're so glad we were able to reach Eminem's people and they were able to respond, and Eminem was able on such short notice to go and see this boy in his own home," said executive director of RC, Mary Grace McCarter. "It says something about everybody, really. I hope all the students and friends of Gage feel good about their well-wishes too."

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Garmo was diagnosed with bone cancer three years ago while in his freshman year at Rochester High School.