Rihanna and Eminem have become the latest celebrities to take part in the ALS ice bucket challenge. The viral sensation, which sees participants get soaked in iced water, aims to draw awareness to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encourage donations towards its research. The Monster duo decided to take their soaking on stage during the final night of their six date co-headlining tour.

EminemEminem was challenged by Dr. Dre

At the show in Eminem’s hometown of Detroit, the rapper accepted the challenge laid down by Dr Dre in front of 45,000 fans. His ‘hype man’ Denaun "Mr" Porter was initially sent out to do the honours before Eminem’s touring parter Rihanna came onstage.

The singer then poured the bucket of iced water over her Monster collaborator causing him to jump out of his seat and exclaim he was "so wet".

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But the rapper  was quick to retaliate, immediately challenging producer Rick Rubin, Denaun Porter and Rihanna herself.

Rihanna responded by asking the crowd, "Detroit, what you think? Should I do it? I'm from the islands; I don't do this ice shit! This ice shit doesn't work for me.”

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The Barbados born singer was then doused in the iced water as Eminem’s band played Vanilla Ice's hit Ice Ice Baby.

Singer Kylie Minogue also accepted her ice bucket challenge this weekend, after it had been laid down by Ricky Martin and Benedict Cumberbatch. The Aussie pop princess took the challenge on a yacht alongside fashion designer Stefano Gabbana who also took a soaking. After pouring her ice bucket, Kylie attempted to shake off the cold while singing.  "That feels so good, so good, so good."

RihannaRhianna was challeged by Eminem

The ice bucket challenge has so far raised over $50 million for the ALS Association since July 29th. Both celebrities and members of the public have been taking part, while also making donations towards the charity. So far celebrities such as Kate Moss, Benedict Cumberbatch and Lady Gaga have taken part, while former US president George W. Bush and billionaire Bill Gates have also made videos.