Eminem has been regularly off loading tracks from his upcoming eighth album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, for the past few weeks now, gradually releasing new singles from the album as soon as the hype from the last has died down. With the official release date of his album fast approaching, Em joined a number of other artists who have made their material available for free ahead of the official release date through iTunes.

Eminem is still an angry man

The album goes on sale officially on 5 November and as the title suggests, it is a hark back to his most acclaimed album to date, and is a release that the Detroit hero described himself as being more "revisitation" to his 2000 album than a direct sequel. This means references to past tracks, such as album opener 'Bad Guy' - a follow-up to the hit single 'Stan.' On 'Bad Guy,' Em returns to the 'Stan' character, rapping as his brother as he sets out to avenge his suicide and kill the rapper as retribution. So yeah, he's also regained that trademark dark streak back as well. Which is nice.

Listen to the latest single from MMLP2: 'Monster' (ft. Rihanna)

The album also contains a number of controversial elements that made the first MMLP so contentious, in particular it is his use of homophobic and sexist remarks that have whipped up a storm, just as they did 13 years ago. He may be 41 now, but his prejudices seem to exist in force as much as they did in his youth, and people are understandably angry with him for his blatant flirtation with homophobia. On one of the tracks, the self-affirmative 'Rap God,' Em's homophobia is driven to excess, but his reliance on this vile language is as much a nod to the rage that still sits inside him as it is his ongoing prejudices.

Artists respond to the rampant homophobia on 'Rap God'

As you may have imagine, MMPL2 is an angry album, one that does on occasion feature some less serious numbers however, in particular the first single, 'Berzerk.' But what it is more than anything is a personal album, a release that Marshal has worked hard on to make and give to his fans and one that goes on to show that the rapper has no intentions of slowing down any time soon.

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is out officially on 5 November.

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Em will release his new album officially on 5 Nov.