A German prostitute claims she had sex with Eminem after the rapper and his entourage turned up at her brothel looking to indulge in some raunchy fun, according to German magazine BRAVO.

Lady of the night MARIA claims the controversial hip-hop star picked her from a line-up of 13 girls at the PASCHA brothel in Cologne, and took her back to the nearby CASTLE BENSBERG hotel, where he was staying.

The sexy Columbian tells the teen publication they spent the night drinking in the hotel bar before heading to Eminem's room at 5am for sex.

Maria says, "We kissed ecstatically and touched each other on the entire body. Then Eminem became really quiet. He said, 'You only like me because I'm famous.'"

A source at the hotel adds that Eminem was the only member of his D12 crew who failed to show at breakfast the following morning - instead he ordered room service for two.

The rapper caused outrage on German show TV TOTAL last week (6APR04) when he bared his bottom and swore at host STEFAN RAAB.

15/04/2004 21:01