Eminem's hopes of gaining custody of his daughter HAILIE has suffered another setback - the nanny he hired to look after the seven-year-old is at the centre of a child abuse scandal.

The WITHOUT ME rapper had hoped to gain full custody of little Hailie from his ex-wife Kim Mathers, but the woman he hired to look after his daughter was arrested and charged with fourth-degree child abuse.

NADINE BAILEY, 29, is accused of punching Hailie's pal KARRIE LAWS, eight - the daughter of Eminem's bodyguard KENNETH LAWS - and making her swallow soap for lying about doing her homework. Bailey is Laws' girlfriend.

Karrie's mother reported her daughter's claims to police, claiming, "Karrie has been subjected to ongoing abuse."

Meanwhile, the rapper and his ex currently share joint custody of Hailie. Eminem is keen to gain total custody following Kim's cocaine possession scandal, for which she'll have to face a preliminary hearing in September (03).

01/08/2003 09:35