Rapper Eminem is inconsolable after discovering the uncle he called 'dad' killed himself.

The STAN star's real father deserted him when he was a baby so he was raised by TODD NELSON, who shot himself in the head, allegedly because he was being terrorised by a sheriff's rottweiler.

Nelson is Eminem's second close relative to kill himself - the hip-hop artist's other uncle, RONNIE MATHERS, killed himself last year (03) following a traumatic break-up.

A family friend explains, "This news has hit him hard. It will bring back all the memories of losing Ronnie. To lose two uncles at such a young age is terribly sad, especially as his father has never around. The fact they both committed suicide is so tragic."

Eminem's grandmother tells Britain's DAILY MIRROR newspaper, "Todd had been upset about a rottweiler owned by a local sheriff who was causing problems for his family. The dog scared his girlfriend's son and scratched their car.

"But when he complained to police, they wouldn't do anything about it. He shot himself in his car in his own backyard. My grandson, TODD JUNIOR, found his body. "

20/10/2004 14:13